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San Diego FHA loan limits I have received numerous questions lately about what the new San Diego County mortgage loan limits are for FHA, VA and Conventional financing so I decided that this would be a good time to start posting again .  Sorry for the extended leave from the Blog but my days (and nights) have been spent pushing loans with both hands. This first post will cover San Diego FHA loans and I will follow up later with the VA and Conventional loan limits.

FHA loan Limits for San Diego County;

Effective October 1st 2011 and through December 31st 2011 the San Diego County FHA loan limit for a Single Family Home or Condo is $546,250.

For a Duplex (2 unit) the limit is set at $699,300.

   On a 3 unit (tri-plex) property it is set at $845,300 and for a 4 unit property the limit is $1,050,000. 

These limits can be seen “straight from the horses mouth” HERE on the HUD website.

As you can see although the FHA program only allows owner occupied homes to be financed with only a few exceptions a 2,3 or 4 unit property can be purchased as long as a buyer plans to and occupies one of the units.  If you have questions about FHA or any other San Diego Mortgage program give me a call at the office @ six one nine 285 two nine 21. 

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