San Diego FHA Loan Limits are Unchanged for 2011


Feb 9th 2011

San Diego FHA loan limits


Great news for San Diego home buyers!

 H.U.D. has anounced that the loan limits for FHA mortgages in San Diego will stay at last years levels. All home loans under $417,000 or under are considered “conforming” and have the best pricing but for a single family home in San Diego County the maximum loan amount is still $697,500 with up to 96.5% loan to value!

  In most cases FHA financing can only be used for owner occupied homes but H.U.D. does allow purchase of up to a 4 unit property with the program as long as the buyer is going to live in one of the units.  The San Diego FHA loan limit for a duplex is $892,950, for a tri-plex is $1,079,350 and for a 4 unit building is still at a whopping $1,341,350 all at the same 96.5%.  

If you have any questions about using FHA financing for your San Diego home purchase call me at 619-285-2921


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