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Stated San Diego Mortgage

In the past few years the lending industry has lost many programs that were important tools for helping people buy and refinance homes.  One of the most used and abused San Diego mortgage programs and a major cause of the “mortgage meltdown” and housing crisis was the stated income loan. While the major banks main concerns these days these days seem to be trying to pass government stress tests and spending TARP dollars, a few small wholesale lenders have introduced stated income San Diego mortgage programs again. The last time this type of mortgage program was available, 100% financing with stated income could be used  for purchase or refinance with unlimited cash out and there was a lot of abuse.  This time around there are a few more guidelines to hopefully slow the abuse of the program while letting responsible people use this tool effectively. The applicant must now have at least a 660 FICO score  and no mortgage late payments in the last 24 months.  The loan can be used to purchase or refinance (with no cash out) an owner occupied residence. The property can be a single family or up to 4 units as long as the buyer plans to live in one of the units (sorry no condos) .  This San Diego mortgage can only be used for a loan amount of up to $417,000 and the maximum loan to value is 80%.  The borrower must be a w2 employee which makes NO sense at all since it is self employed people that usually have a hard time proving their income but hopefully this will change in the near future.  This is a true stated income program with no 4506T required so there will not be any request for IRS transcripts.  This program can and will help many people be able to get loans that otherwise would not be able to buy or refinance their homes. 

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